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New Family Rights

Updated: Apr 8

There are three key new rights which will apply to all employees from 6 April 2024. In brief, these are as follows:

Flexible Working

Flexible working will become a day one right for employees rather than requiring the employee to have been employed for at least 26 weeks before they can make a request. In addition, employees will now be able to make two flexible work requests in each twelve month period.

Unpaid Carers Leave

New regulations will give employees a day-one right to take up to a week of unpaid leave to meet responsibilities to care for a dependent with long-term care needs. This is limited to one week in each twelve month period, and can be taken in blocks of half days.

Paternity Leave

The key change to paternity leave is that employees will be able to take their two-week paternity leave entitlement as two separate one-week blocks, and at any time in the 52 weeks after birth (rather than having to take leave in the 56 days following birth). They will also only be required to give 28 days’ notice of their intention to take the leave.


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