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Kerina Clark Headshot.png

Kerina Clark
Business Development

Kerina is a senior leader with over two decades experience in establishing and building businesses. 

Kerina thrives on building relationships and driving growth. With a passion for developing strategies and identifying opportunities, she works closely with the team to ensure that our services align with clients' needs and expectations.


Her background in banking gives a foundation for navigating financial strategy but her real passion is in seeing people supported and resourced to reach their full potential. From the individual to the corporate, she provides insight into how to maximise systems and process to resource for growth.

Her belief in the value of HR and employment support, aligned to a companies vision and values, is at the core of her work with Greystone.

She places high value on relational connections and is active in the regions business community through her role as chair of Aycliffe Business Park and board director of EMN

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