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Labour Plans for Employment Law

Updated: Jun 17

The government’s decision to call a general election, and the Labour Party’s current lead in the polls, means that all businesses need to make contingency plans for possible substantial changes to employment law.

New Day One Rights

The Labour Party are committed to bringing in new day one rights for all workers. These are set out in a Green Paper and extend to the right to bring unfair dismissal claims from day one of employment, effectively abolishing the two year qualifying period (albeit with some exceptions for probationary periods).

There are also plans to abolish the category of “worker”, introduce more family friendly rights, and bring in a new right for employees to “switch off”.

Free Webinar

We will be holding a live webinar on Thursday 20th June to explain the changes that are proposed and the steps to take to help prepare your business. You can register for the webinar here:


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