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Discrimination Training
for Business

We are excited to introduce a comprehensive training program open to all businesses: a deep dive into all aspects of discrimination, including the latest legislation under the Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Act 2023.

The primary objective is to empower companies to deal with discrimination that arises in the workplace, and to meet the requirements of section 109(4) of the Equality Act 2010 by ensuring you have taken all reasonable steps within your business to prevent discrimination arising. This will be one of the main advantages of the training program.

Why attend?

Attending this training will place your company in the best possible position to prevent discrimination and handle it effectively when it occurs. By participating, your management team will gain:

  • Enhanced understanding of discrimination laws and their practical applications.

  • Improved skills in managing and resolving complaints.

  • Increased confidence in creating a safe and inclusive workplace.

  • A proactive approach to fulfilling legal responsibilities and protecting your organization from liability.


Forms of Discrimination

  • A comprehensive overview of the characteristics protected under the Equality Act 2010.

  • Detailed insights into different types of discrimination, including direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, and victimisation.

  • Real-world examples and reported cases to facilitate practical understanding.

Responding to Complaints

We shall provide practical advice on hot to address and manage discrimination complaints effectively, including:

  • Guidance on recruitment, and interviewing external and internal candidates. 

  • Conducting investigations.

  • Maintaining confidentiality.

  • Managing reluctant complainants and witnesses.

  • Navigating 'he said/she said' scenarios.

New Duty on Employers to Prevent Sexual Harassment

  • An overview of the new legal duty under section 26, distinguishing between general harassment and sexual harassment.

  • Enforcement mechanisms and available remedies for workers.

The "Reasonable Steps" Defence

Detailed discussion on the "reasonable steps" defense, including:

  • Developing and implementing effective policies and procedures.

  • Preventative measures.

  • Appropriate actions when incidents occur.

Q&A Session

  • Interactive Q&A session for delegates to address specific concerns and scenarios.

  • A set of top tips or do's and don’ts to guide best practices.

Sharon Langridge


The seminar will be hosted by Sharon Langridge, a distinguished senior employment solicitor with over 25 years of specialist experience in the field.

Throughout her extensive career, Sharon has handled a broad spectrum of employment law and HR issues, primarily representing employers, including SMEs, local authorities, charities, and colleges, as well as senior individuals. She has a particular passion for diversity and equality issues and has been actively involved in regional initiatives promoting inclusion and best practices, as well as supporting women in business.

Sharon also serves as an independent investigator for workplace investigations, specializing in bullying, harassment, and discrimination complaints.

In 2013, Sharon was appointed as a fee-paid Employment Tribunal Judge and is based in the North East region. She is also a proud member of the Employment Lawyers Association.

Join us at the seminar to gain invaluable insights from Sharon Langridge, whose extensive expertise and practical experience will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to foster a discrimination-free workplace.

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To secure your place in this vital training session, please Register Here. For any questions or further information, please contact us at or telephone 01325 787 007.
Empower your management team with the knowledge and tools they need to foster a discrimination-free workplace. Join us for this essential training event and lead your company towards a more inclusive future.
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