What was the reason for discrimination?

Mr Bakkali told a colleague about a report by a journalist who went to Syria and spoke to Islamic State fighters. As part of the debate, Mr Bakkali told his colleague that the journalist had said that the Islamic State were confident and prolific fighters.

A few days later, Mr Bakkali's colleague asked him if he was still promoting Islamic State. Mr Bakkali subsequently brought a claim against his employer, alleging that the comment amounted to harassment on account of his race and/or religion.

The Tribunal rejected Mr Bakkali's claim, holding that the comment was made because of his previous conversation, and not because of his race or religion.

In Bakkali v GMB (South) Ltd Mr Bakkali appealed the decision to the Employment Appeal Tribunal, who upheld the Tribunal's decision. The EAT emphasised the importance of being able to demonstrate that the unwanted conduct complained of is 'related to' the claimant's protected characteristic.

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