Good Work? - The Taylor Report

There has been much publicity this week over the publication of the ‘Good Work Report, the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices’ which contains a large number of recommendations to reform working practices. Much of the report focuses upon the distinctions between employees, workers (referred to in the report as “dependent contractors”), and the genuinely self-employed. There is a recommendation that the current case law on the distinctions between the different categories of employment should be reflected in new legislation. Arguably, however, this will lead to further litigation with lawyers and judges wrestling with new statutory definitions.

Employers might well be concerned by a suggestion that those on long-term sick leave should have a ‘right to return to work’ in the same, or a similar manner, to women on maternity leave. The report also covers issues relating to the National Minimum Wage, continuity of employment, holiday pay, and consultation arrangements between employers and employees. The full report can be found at:

In light of the Government’s current distractions, it remains to be seen how many of the recommendations make it to the statute book.

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