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Leading employment and commercial law firm Greystone Legal have launched an

innovative new HR platform that enables businesses to manage all their personnel information remotely.

Eric – which stands for Employment Resource and Information Centre – has been

devised by Greystone partners Paul Humble and Ben Healey, in partnership with an

experienced local developer.

The paper-less portal enables employers to have a complete online HR audit trail,

including the issuing of contracts, training licences, disciplinary records, holiday

entitlement and all document management.

Eric also enables employees of those who use the software to have their own log-ins,

so they can access their information quickly online.

Greystone – who specialise in commercial and employment law – are offering the

software initially to their own retained clients.

But they also plan to roll it out to non-retained clients in 2021 as a separate business

venture. Greystone partner Paul Humble explained: “We’re three years in business now and we’ve developed a strong client base. Our main service is as commercial and

employment law specialists, and since Covid we’ve been constantly advising clients on HR issues. Eric is a natural progression for Greystone, a bolt-on to what we already offer which complements the legal side of the business very well.

“Over the course of 2021 we’ll be working in partnership with other organisations to roll it out further, which is the next stage of the development.”

Eric has all the functions of most HR service providers, but for around half of the

cost, and has been developed using all the latest software and coding, with the most

modern, GDPR-compliant security systems, and is hosted by Amazon web services. It’s also fully-customisable to accommodate different requirements, so it can be tailored

to meet the needs of any business’s specific needs, from very small firms up to large

companies with hundreds of staff.


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