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Settlement Agreements

If you need advice or guidance on a Settlement Agreement we provide an efficient, professional and friendly service. You will receive personal attention from one of our experienced lawyers who specialise in employment law.

Our advice will be tailored to your best interests and we will ensure that you are properly advised on the meaning and implications of the Agreement. Where required we will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you obtain the most favourable outcome available.

Contact us today for a no obligation initial discussion on your situation: 01325 787007 or email or contact us.

"I could not have achieved the settlement I did without your help"

Mrs H, Durham

  • What is a Settlement Agreement? Why do I need one?
    A Settlement Agreement is recognised by statute as a legally binding contract made between an employer and employee, usually towards the end or just after employment has terminated. In essence, the employee is paid a sum of money in consideration for waiving his or her legal right to bring claims against the employer. Without a binding Settlement Agreement, an employee would be free to bring a claim against his employer even where a lump sum was paid upon termination.
  • What will it cost?
    Your employer will generally pay a fixed amount to cover your legal fees, usually anywhere between £250 and £750. This amount is normally sufficient to cover our costs and, where additional fees are required, we will ask your employer to cover them as part of our negotiation on the terms of the Agreement. There are no circumstances in which we will charge any costs to you without your prior agreement.
  • Will I need to travel to your office?
    The days of having to travel in to town or city centres to meet a lawyer are fast receding for cases of this kind. We can provide advice over the telephone and/or by email, and documents can be provided and exchanged electronically. We also use Skype or Facetime where necessary so there is usually no need to incur the time and expense of travelling for face to face meetings.
  • What do I do now?
    Contact us for an initial, no obligation discussion, and we will guide you through the next steps.
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